About The Sales Yogi

The Sales Yogi was born as a concept when our host, Sanjeevv realized the vast wisdom the Bhagwad Gita carries. 

As a Certified Happiness Coach, he was already on a mission to see how he can impact the lives of sales professionals through positive psychology and attitude coaching. After having quit a job he loved a couple of years back due to burnout, he traveled across India on his motorcycle to regain clarity and direction on his purpose.

Having spent nearly 15 years in Sales and being a part of the grind it entails, he realized that attitude and emotional intelligence play as much a role as skills in the success of a salesperson, if not more. His journey to unravel the secrets the Bhagwad Gita carried to gain more light on this aspect started with his book - The Sales Yogi which will be launched soon. 

The Sales Yogi Podcast is an inspiration from the book and also all the years of selling and building great client relationships that Sanjeevv has invested in. Currently, Sanjeevv coaches individuals and teams on the key aspects of sales in his flagship program - The Seven Chakras of Sales. He also heads Sales for an HR gamification company.

Tune in and enjoy the show!